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Demo to code and save a Python file, and execute the Python Program, all via Ubuntu Terminal or Shell prompt.

Video Outline:
– Create a sample directory structure
– Write the Python program by making use of “vim” editor
– Execute the Python program

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Outline of the video:

  • Extracting the downloaded tar file to an appropriate directory of your system
  • Building the extracted files
  • “Hello World” program

Additional Tips not covered in the Video:

Running Python 3:

  • Launch the Terminal
  • Key in “python3” without quotes at the Terminal prompt. This should ideally launch Python 3.2.3

Note: The video instructs you to key in “python” at the Terminal prompt. This launches Python 2.7.3.

This is my first narrative video. So please be gentle with your comments. 🙂

Thank you for watching the video. I appreciate your time.