About Me

I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer and a self-taught Software Engineer.

On the Current profession:

I build testing solutions for both legacy (or call it battle-hardened production ready) and modern applications and test environment provisioning

I love the challenges posed with testing (seemingly) untestable systems. I like to add ‘testability’ and ‘debuggability’ as features to these complex systems.

I will share some philosophical posts around Quality Engineering as a mindset than as a role.

On  Career objectives front:

I am looking forward to build applications and testability solutions for the Internet of Things. Being an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, I am familiar with Embedded Systems. I will be venturing into intersection of Software Engineering and Electronics Engineering as you will make out from the next section below.

During my leisure:

Spend time trying out various linux distros, getting my old hardware to work on them and end up screwing the computer Well I now mostly use Ubuntu Gnome for personal use and Mac for my work. I am now mostly playing with the DragonBoard 410C . I read a lot of blogs and articles books these days both technical and non-technical. During my leisure, I am mostly sitting with one of the Electronics books (Embedded Systems, Signals and Systems and Digital Signal Processing) on the technical front (Well I keep visiting JAVA and Design Patterns books by default). I will post on these as well.

  1. Being a complete newbie, all I can say is thanks for sharing this.

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