#DYS – 1: Print with Lexmark z600 series on Kubuntu 12.10

Posted: March 23, 2013 in DYS Series, Kubuntu, Lexmark, System Configuration, z600 Series

Welcome to the 1st post of #DYS series.

Bed Setup: Kubuntu 12.10 32-bit, AMD Athlon x64 X2 processor, ASUS Motherboard, Lexmark Z603 InkJet printer (I know this printer is a generation old. :))

Friction in your System: You connect the printer to your system, and try attempt to print a doc, but you fail to see your printer configured in printer configuration settings. If you have connected your printer for the 1st time, you might have also come across printer configuration dialog with Lexmark in it, but you don’t get to pick z600 series from it. It’s not listed there.

Cranking Your System:

1. InstallĀ this Debian package.

2. Launch ‘System Settings’ from the Application Launcher.


3. Navigate to ‘Printer Configuration’ dialog from the ‘Hardware’ section.


4. Click on the ‘New Printer’ button from the ‘Add New Printer’ section.


5. Select ‘Lexmark Z600 Series’ from the ‘Select Connection’ column and click on ‘Forward’.


6. Select ‘Select printer from database’ section and select ‘Lexmark’ from the list box and click on ‘Forward’.


7. Select ‘Z600 v1.0-1’ from ‘Models’ list box and ‘Lexmark Z600 v1.0-1 [en]’ from the ‘Driver’ list box, click on ‘Forward’ and complete the printer configuration.


You should find ‘Lexmark_Z600_Series’ added to the ‘Local Printer’ item in the list box in the ‘Printer Configuration’.


8. Click on ‘Lexmark_Z600_Series’ and check ‘Enable’ and ‘Accepting’ options in the ‘Printer Status’ section. Check ‘Sharing’ option as well if you want the printer to be available to other users connected to your system.

DYS now:

1. Click ‘Print Test Page’ option get a glimpse of your printer working.

Below is a snapshot of my printer and test page.


2013-03-23 15.56.10


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